Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year - Highland Flings Only!

Like many people with a young child, I saw in the New Year watching Jules Holland trying desperately to keep my eyes open between yawns whilst trying to remember when any time after 10pm had become insufferably late.

At the stroke of midnight my phone tinkled with New Year texts and emails. The first one in was not from my brother but from an appalling company called Married Affair. It is an online dating agency aimed at both encouraging adultery as well as making a profit from it.

The headline was New Year – New You, and preyed on the insecurities many have when time passes. Should you be on their emailing list you will get a similar missive on your birthday. The solution to feeling old, not having achieved all that you want, generally feeling unhappy and unfulfilled is, in their view, a bit of adultery. You won’t be surprised to hear that is not the Methodist Church’s opinion.

The site is run by Global Personals Ltd UK who also run a number of other less morally questionable sites. Single people might question if they want to use any Global Personals sites as the company’s ethical position is clearly questionable .   A campaign – Faithfulness Matters – has been set up to challenge the business practices of companies who make money out of breaking up relationships.  You can find out more information here, and sign up to support the campaign.

In my view those who, with a calm calculating mind, seek to exploit peoples’ weaknesses, vulnerabilities and moral failings in order to make a profit have a great deal of responsibility – one which the attitude of “the market will provide” does not exonerate.

The responsibility for adultery arranged via this site belongs both to the individuals who participate in it and to Global Personals. Shared responsibility is an important concept – without it exploiters such as adultery website providers, loan sharks, and even tax avoiders can blame those they damage for their own problems without ever challenging their own behaviour.

Happy New Year and don’t have an affair - even if it will help Global Personals UK’s profits – there are better ways of promoting the economic recovery!