Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hung Parliament: a unique opportunity to advance the common good

This statement was made by the United Reformed Church after the election results:

The inconclusive result of the General Election provides a unique opportunity to re-orient Westminster politics towards the common good, according to Simon Loveitt, who speaks on public issues for the United Reformed Church.

He said: “This election was fought on the platforms of fairness, honesty and transparency after the loss of public trust in financial and political institutions, in the wake of the financial crisis and MPs’ expenses scandal. It is these principles which must guide party leaders in their deliberations in the days ahead”.

The poll has taken place against a backdrop of growing uncertainty in the financial markets over the effect that one country’s debts will have upon others, and fears following Greece’s bail-out by the European Union and the IMF.

Simon Loveitt added: “The old adversarial style of politics must give way to a more constructive, creative and hopeful discourse focused on governing in the national interest rather than narrow party political interests, in light of the converging global economic, environmental and energy crises”.

Earlier, the general secretary of the United Reformed Church, the Revd Roberta Rominger, urged Christians to pray for all the Party leaders as they seek ways to work towards forming a strong, stable and principled government based on principles of the common good. “As people of faith, we are uniquely positioned to take the long view on the kind of society we are seeking to build – a society where justice, peace and human flourishing prevail for all’ she said.